SimplesTV – Digital Signage



We are a company that offers Digital Signage solutions for marketing dissemination to our partners. We aim to offer high quality software and materials, making your experience and communication more effective through SIMPLESTV. Our team is formed by professionals with experience and experience in the field who will guarantee the best for your business.

All this with LOW INVESTMENT!

SIMPLES TV is the most objective way of communicating with your customer and employees. After all, TV’s always attract the ATTENTION of consumers, so why not use this tool to generate REVENUE for your BUSINESS?

The Technology


The content manager allows full control of editing and publishing content on TVs. To access, just use the browser and enter login and password. You can control TVs from anywhere.


All content edited in the manager is transmitted via the internet to the cloud server, which in turn redistributes it to the players connected to the TVs.


To stream the content to the TV, the SimplesTV player is required. It will transmit the content edited by the content manager.


There are different models of TV and monitors that can be used for digital panel projects.

How it works


Our company will assemble the entire program, with videos, news, commercials, images, information linked to your business, reports with tips, guidelines and warnings, temperature, time, current local, regional, national or international news.

Each TV program is set up for 2 hours and will fetch 15 days on the air, so for 1 month, you can have 2 programs on the basic plan. Other business plans will give you more information, more monthly programs.